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The NORA BODE OXYJET is the high-tech oxygen system for Beauty & Wellbeing in its ultimate form- make it yours, from today! For smooth, youthfully fresh skin. Gentle, effective and safe.
It starts in the picturesque village of Hohenstein in Hessen, Germany. The naturopath clinician Lothar Bode was looking for a method to get medicines painlessly and safely into his patients’ sensitive skin. Now the President, Lothar Bode came up with the idea of using pure oxygen pressure to place the drugs deep into the skin. A first prototype was successfully produced in 1994 using pulsed oxygen to inject special formations deep into the skin. The impressive results in this medical field encouraged Lothar’s pharmacist wife Jutta Bode to concentrate on the development of natural cosmetic products with the OXYJET and they formed the company Nora Bode.

In 1997 after over 500 successful treatments Lothar was awarded a patent for the pressure injection treatment and also in the same year the world renowned Fraunhofer Institute conducted trials at the Biomedical Engineering in St Ingbert proving the system. In 1998 the first OXYJET was launched on the German market. Since then rising export figures and over 40 international partners have confirmed the company’s position as the leading oxygen treatment manufacturer in the world.

In the years 2000-2006 the OXY-Mega Station, OXYJET BASIC and the OXYcrystal were successful worldwide. In 2007 these models were followed by the OXYJET STAR and finally in 2012 the current very successful LEO models were introduced.

The world’s press began to take notice and in 2003 the “Daily Mirror” outed the BEAUTY-TOX procedure as “Madonna’s wrinkle killer” and international stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Elle McPherson, Lisa Kudrow, Suzanne von Borzody, Anna Kruse, Ruth Maria Kubitschek and many more trust the original patented OXYJET treatment with its exclusive NORA BODE cosmetic products.

Today in 2016 the two original directors are joined by their sons Gero and Leonard ensuring this family enterprise has a healthy future.

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NORA BODE Kosmetik was founded in 1994 in Hohenstein by its both managing directors Jutta and Lothar Bode. Focusing on the treatment of skin sick patients in his naturopathic practice, Lothar Bode had been searching for a method by which he could improve the penetration of anti-inflammatory drugs into the sensitive, sick skin. Of course this should work in a safe and painfree way, as many of his patients had been little children with ekzema and neurodermitis. Finally all his tests and trials ended in the invention and development of the pulsed oxygen pressure injection.

At this time the pharmacist and chemist Jutta Bode produced the preparations for the treatment of the sick skin in the adjoining laboratory and developed individual formulations for every single patient.
The enthusiasm of the patients for the creams and lotions had been immense. Not only inflammations and impurities had been eased, the patients were pleased with smoother and firmer skin. Over time this resulted in the development of high quality cosmetic formulations.

Today this has developed that only ingredients with proven efficiancy and safe are used. All the formulations are principally free from parabens, animal originated ingredients and mineral oils.


In order to meet this objective NORA BODE Kosmetik tracks the actual trends on the raw material markets worldwide and with their knowledge and experience develop exclusive product lines for its discerning clientele.

First signs of skin ageing, volume loss, sagging face contours, pigmentation irregularities, impure skin and more…. there is a choice of exclusive preparations for any skin type or skin problem, which meet the individual’s actual needs.



Smooth out wrinkles with pulsed oxygen pressure injection. Gentle, effective and safe!

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The NORA BODE preparations to take home

Exclusive cosmetics for any skin problem. The best that nature and high-tech can provide.

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Light and concentrated Oxygen

Natural Beautifier in a unique combination. Fresher. Smoother. Radiant.

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1997: Fraunhofer Institut für Biomedizinische Technik St. Ingbert
The internationally renowned institute confirms that the increased speed of penetration of the NORA BODE special preparations during the application with the original BODE OXYJET is 60 times greater than normal products.

Whereas the NORA BODE Gamma-L-Serum needs about one hour to penetrate the epidermis simply applied by hand the OXYJET pulsed system transports the Gamma-L-Serum into the deep layers of the skin after only one minute of treatment and leaves an active deposit in those deep areas *

2007: Cornwall Dermatology Research Truro
The internationally renowned Cornwall Dermatology Research Institute, Peninsula Medical School,Truro, confirms that up to 3 times increased penentration of active ingredients in the treatment of skin cancer nodes by the use of the original BODE OXYJET.*

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