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We offer high quality products made in Germany, Swiss & UK to the Iranian Market

High Quality Equipment for: Clinics, Hospitals, Doctor’s offices, Laboratories, etc.
Materials for Building and Equipment in the area of Medical lighting, Office lighting, Wall cladding, Ergonomical design office chairs, Flooring materials , Adhesive & Self levilling

Light for health & care:Treatment Luminaires, Examination Luminaires, Magnifier Luminaires, Care and Reading Luminaires, Mounted Luminaires
Luminaires not only blend in with the architecture of a room, they also fulfil a number of tasks: well-being, concentration, security and performance.
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Products and services

Light for health & care, office, public areas, street & security

Lighting solutions for modern work environments, healthcare, Medical and outdoor. Modern work environments require intelligent and flexible furnishings. Our lighting solutions are made to match. They can be integrated perfectly into various furniture designs and represent a major means of design. Because light creates atmospheres. But it must also provide maximum viewing conditions.
And because people and their activities are entirely different, lighting should accommodate this need for individuality and adapt accordingly. The use of efficient LED lighting technology and intelligent light management systems with modern luminaire design creates need-adequate, resource-saving and comfortable lighting solutions in:

  • Administration buildings
  • Health care & medical lighting
  • Outdoor,Street & security lighting
  • Edjucation and office lighting
  • Public area and more

All systems are made in Germany and Swiss.

Examination Luminaire VISIANO 20-2

Lighting without compromises is essential wherever demands on viewing are highest. Be it in general or dermatological practice, in ENT or gynaecology, in highly sensitive stations such as neonatology or intensive care: the VISIANO 20-2 is a true multi-talent. Due to its unique design, state-of-the-art lighting technology and highest light quality, it provides perfect examination conditions.
LED technology
Highest light quality due to diamond optics

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Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO

Performance level for highest lighting demands
Optimised ratio of direct to indirect light for standard-compliant, uniform illumination of large light calculation surfaces
Easy-to-reach, multifunctional operating element
Human centric lighting VTL for office workplaces

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Magnifier Luminaire OPTICLUX

OPTICLUX has everything a modern magnifier luminaire is meant to have: a robust magnifier with 1.9x magnification, the latest LED modules, ergonomically tested arm joints and intuitive operation. A daylight-quality light field, its outstanding color rendering properties and its maintenance-free life cycle. As an approved medical device, it can be versatilely used in dermatology, human medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine, in laboratories and for monitoring sterilized products.

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News & Innovations

Floors - Safety, Smooth & Resins - Flooring

We also offer flooring - eg. for operating / surgery rooms

Altro Tierra is a conductive, flexible vinyl flooring system with permanent anti-static properties (≤20V according to IEC61340-4-5 and ≤2kV according to EN1815).
Static electricity is caused by friction between two materials; a person walking across a vinyl floor is a perfect example. The contact between foot and floor builds up an electric charge and as soon as that person comes into contact with a conductive element such as a door handle, metal equipment or another person, Electro Static Discharge (ESD) occurs. Static shocks are unpleasant but harmless to us however, it can cause electronic equipment to malfunction or stop working altogether. The spark created by an ESD can also be enough to ignite flammable materials.
In healthcare, the high tech industry and clean rooms, where equipment failure is not an option and hazardous chemicals need to be used and stored safely, Altro Tierra gives the highest level of protection against ESD, when conductive footwear is worn.

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Hygienic Walls
We also offer

Altro Whiterock White™

Thinking of replacing ceramic wall tiles with a proven, high performance option? Consider Altro Whiterock White – the hygienic alternative to tiles that’s impact resistant, grout-free and easy to clean. Its smooth white surface and classical purity make it a timeless choice for any interior.
Altro Whiterock White is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) approved and is made from a high-quality, food-safe PVCu polymer that can handle temperatures up to 60°C. It meets all current European Union (EU) Directives on health and hygiene. This makes it particularly suitable for use in clinics, bathrooms, commercial kitchens, etc....
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