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We also offer flooring - eg. for operating / surgery rooms

Altro Tierra is a conductive, flexible vinyl flooring system with permanent anti-static properties (≤20V according to IEC61340-4-5 and ≤2kV according to EN1815).
Static electricity is caused by friction between two materials; a person walking across a vinyl floor is a perfect example. The contact between foot and floor builds up an electric charge and as soon as that person comes into contact with a conductive element such as a door handle, metal equipment or another person, Electro Static Discharge (ESD) occurs. Static shocks are unpleasant but harmless to us however, it can cause electronic equipment to malfunction or stop working altogether. The spark created by an ESD can also be enough to ignite flammable materials.
In healthcare, the high tech industry and clean rooms, where equipment failure is not an option and hazardous chemicals need to be used and stored safely, Altro Tierra gives the highest level of protection against ESD, when conductive footwear is worn.

Exhibitor: GMC Technology GmbH

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