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About us

Damoon Teb Company has been established to preparing of dental, medical, laboratory and hygienic equipments and to this end, it constantly use the cooperation and consultation of experts and scholars. The main strategy and priorities of company is providing the best equipments and offering to partners such as users, hospitals, doctors and dentists.
Clearance of goods from European and Iranian customs and all export and import matters

Supplying goods and performa from Europe (especially Germany)

Products and services

We have responded to the demands of the market and our customers and restructured our complete product range, which is consistently tailored to the individual needs of different target groups.
Our highest quality products for top functional, material and design requirements.
Sports products with functional, high-tech coolmax logo fibre and a modern design.
The product range with special handling benefits for persons with restricted mobility.
Our widest-ranging product line offers the fitting braces and supports from head to toe for a wide range of indications diagnosed daily.
For more than 40 years, BORT has committed itself to the innovative development of medical aids. BORT has many years’ experience in product development and production technology.
BORT products are based on the latest medical and therapeutic findings and convince with first-class quality.
ne constant has remained at BORT: the excellent price-performance ratio of our products.
BORT offers reliable brand quality, Made in Germany,

BORT Diabetic Orthopaedic Shoe

BORT Diabetic Orthopaedic Shoe

- Orthopaedic shoe, open
- Removable soft pad cushioning with a honeycomb structure
- Reinforced anti-slip sole with foot rolling motion aid
- Pack: Single item
COLOUR: black

- Soft padcushioning with individually removable honeycomb elements for local pressure relief
- No inner seams

wounds in the foot and ankle region due to diabetes mellitusperipheral artery occlusive disease (PAOD)further wounds in the foot and ankle regionpost-traumatic

BORT select Stabilo® Back Support with Pad

BORT select Stabilo® Back Support with Pad

- Back brace to stabilise the lumbar spine
- Three anatomically pre-moulded splints in the dorsal area
- Viscoelastic lumbo-sacral pad with cross strap system

- Cross strap system for additional stabilisation and relief
- Easy to put on using the hand straps provided

BORT select GenuZip®

BORT select GenuZip®

- High-quality knee support for compression of soft tissues with silicone pad for stabilisation and relief of the knee joint
- Side zip fastener
- Lengthwise-elastic stretch zone above the silicone pad ensures an ideal fit at all bending angles

- SOFTflex Plus knit fabric:
· BREEZE: Luxury fibre with a cooling effect
· Soft-velvety surface structure for top wearing comfort
- Side zip fastener makes it easy to put on/remove

News & Innovations


BORT SELECT New function and new design for demanding people BORT select Lumbar Spine Brace for Mobilisation Back brace for functional mobilisation of the lumbar spine | » Further reading 


BORT GENERATION Range extension for thumb / hand, foot and ankle BORT Generation Wrist-Thumb Brace Wrist brace with additional immobilisation of the metacarpophalangeal joint and saddle joint of the thumb BORT Generation Ankle Support High-quality active ankle support for compr...| » Further reading 


BORT MED First class quality products for every joint BORT KubiFX Long Light Elbow Brace Brace for immobilisation of the elbow joint and the proximal radioulnar joint BORT StabiloGen® Eco The first Knee Support with a fashionable denim look BORT OTC Quality brands for free sal...| » Further reading 


Iranian Damoon Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Fraunhoferstr. 8
53121 Bonn

Phone: +49 22892655180
Fax: +49 22892655196

Herr Ehsan Bagherian
Phone: +98 9120379552

Damoon Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd
53121 Bonn

Phone: +49 22892655180
Fax: +49 22892655196

Damoon Teb Iranianian
Sattarkhan Ave
14576-53765 Tehran

Phone: +98 21 66532916
Fax: +98 21 66539767

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